Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Trawly - Compact Camera Dolly .

Introducing Trawly - A compact, lightweight and versatile camera dolly.

By adding wheels to our universal Simplis base plate, we add an entirely new dimension in functionality. With Trawly, it's easy to adjust the legs and wheels to pull off straight dolly shots, crab moves, arched turns and use it as a handheld rig.

In standard Simplis fashion, the camera can be quick-released from Trawly for smooth transitions between setups.

Trawly is now available for purchase. You can also purchase an add-on Trawly wheels kit that can be added to existing Simplis rigs.

"Kecil dan bergaya, memjadikan aku fikir bagaimana ia akan digunakan untuk mendapat output yang kreatif."

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